Progress towards a European Water Label

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8 March 2018


On 8 March 2018, the European Sanitaryware Producers Federation (FECS) Marketing ad-hoc group met in Frankfurt to discuss the vision and mission statement of FECS as well as the ongoing communication on the proposed Water Label prior to the European Bathroom Forum (EBF) meeting the same day.


During the EBF meeting, attendees discussed how to work towards the industry's proposal for a voluntary label recognised by the European Commission. It was proposed to work first on the technical content of the label, with a draft design ready by June 2018, and to then promote the Water Label through EU and national associations, trade shows, and through online platforms. FECS reaffirmed its commitment to the EBF and to such a voluntary agreement.


The EBF also held discussions with Swedish Energy, Swiss Energy, and Portuguese ANQIP on a unique BEST-OF-ALL approach. With regards to the voluntary agreement, the Commission expects a single label covering 80% of the European market. Currently, EBF members represent around 60% in terms of brand coverage, though not all products are registered to the European Water Label. In order to achieve the Commission target of 80%, a call for action has been made to all registered brands and stakeholders to register their brand and product. Cerame-Unie supports the Water Label as a single voluntary industry label and will continue to promote it.


For more information on the Water Label, see here.