Cerame-Unie nominated for Best European Association - European Association Awards 2019

23 January 2019


Cerame-Unie has been shortlisted as a finalist for Overall Best European Association at the European Association Awards 2019. The award is given to the association that offers the most exemplary representation, advancement or experience for its members.


The final awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, 28 March in Brussels. To select a winner, judges will consider the following:


  • Recent advancements and success;
  • Value for money;
  • Success in overcoming challenges;
  • Heightened association prestige and presence;
  • Strong leadership;
  • Member satisfaction and feedback;
  • Success in meeting targets and goals;
  • Further advancement of the aims of your association.

In the past year, Cerame-Unie has delivered significant advocacy outcomes for our members whilst ensuring value for money and increasing the prestige and reputation of the European ceramics industry and the association itself. As such, Cerame-Unie is an exemplary candidate for the award of “Overall Best Small European Association” and we are delighted to be named a finalist. See the full list of finalists here.





Cerame-Unie is the voice of the European ceramic industry in Brussels. It covers a wide range of products including bricks & roof tiles, clay pipes, flower pots, wall & floor tiles, refractories, sanitaryware, table- & ornamentalware, technical ceramics, expanded clay and porcelain enamel. The industry generates over 200,000 direct jobs and a production value of €31 billion in the EU. The secretariat is composed of eight permanent team members managing Cerame-Unie and the secretariat of six of its sub-sectors in addition to the secretariat of two influential international platforms, the World Ceramic Tiles Forum and the World Refractory Association.