Manifesto presented at Dutch election debate

29 April 2014


In the run-up to the European elections, KNB, the Dutch umbrella organisation for the construction ceramics industry, organised a political debate in Velp on 29 April 2014. Six candidate MEPs engaged in a debate about the future of Europe and its significance for the economy, nature and employment. Mr Ewald van Hal, KNB Director, used this opportunity to present the Dutch translation of the Cerame-Unie Ceramic Industry Manifesto, “Paving the way for growth and jobs in Europe”.

With this Manifesto, KNB reminds candidate MEPs of the importance of the manufacturing industry and calls on them to take this into consideration in the next mandate of the European Parliament. Manufacturing is the backbone of the European economy and a key driver of growth and jobs. The Ceramic Industry Manifesto comprises ten policy recommendations in the fields of climate and energy, environment and construction, research and access to finance, and trade and internal market.

KNB Director Ewald van Hal presents the Manifesto to MEP candidate Mark Dijk

The presentation of the Manifesto was followed by an intensive debate on Europe. How intrinsically linked are Europe, the economy and ecology? Will Natura 2000 present a challenge or an obstruction for entrepreneurship and employment? What can entrepreneurs in the ceramic industry expect from the next Parliamentary mandate? 


Candidates entered into a lively debate moderated by journalist Wouke van Scherrenburg. The enthusiasm spread online as speakers engaged in the Twittersphere using the hashtag #knbdebat. 


Six candidate MEPs attended the event:

  • Mark Dijk (VVD) - Twitter (pictured above)
  • Raoul Boucke (D66) - Twitter
  • Jef Wintermans (CDA) - Twitter
  • Luuk van der Veer (PvdD) - Twitter
  • Frank van Oorschot (PvdA) - Twitter
  • Roelof Jan Mulder (50Plus)