2015 Membership updates

1 January 2015


new sectoral Presidents

EuTeCer: The European Technical Ceramics Federation (EuTeCer) welcomed its new President in January 2015. Mr Richard Gaignon, CEO of 3DCeram and President of the French Technical Ceramics Association succeeds Mr Joachim Heym, CEO of Schunk Ingenieurkeramik and former President of the German Technical Ceramics Association. He was unanimously elected during the Ceramic Days 2014.

EEA: The European Enamel Authority (EEA) welcomed its new President Mr Jörg Wendel in September 2014. Mr Wendel, R&D Director at Wendel Gmbh, takes the reins from Mr Leo Gypen, former Director for Innovation and Standardisation at Polyvision.


Changes to sectoral membership

EuTeCer: As of 2015 the Italian ceramic association is a member of EuTeCer, the European Technical Ceramics Federation. EuTeCer now counts 6 national associations representing industries in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Romania and Turkey.