A look into the French association for technical ceramics

15 December 2014


Created in 1988, the Association of Advanced Ceramics Manufacturers (SICT) now incorporates 13 French producers of technical ceramics, compared to 10 members in 2012, and represents the interests of the whole profession at national level.


Through the technical ceramics association EuTeCer, SICT actively contributes to discussions on European policies affecting the sector. During the Ceramic Days 2014 French companies confirmed their intention to work together with European counterparts as Richard Gaignon, CEO of 3DCeram, President of the French Technical Ceramics Association and member of SICT, was unanimously elected President of EuTeCer (2015-2017), succeeding Joachim Heym.


As Technical Ceramics are generally used for advanced technologies, SICT members are very active in Research and Innovation. Experts provide a large diversity of raw materials and search for made-to-measure solutions dedicated to high technologies. In terms of the health of the market, in both 2013 and 2014 it has varied from one application to another. This can be easily explained by the sheer number of fields in which technical ceramics are applied, ranging from aeronautics and medicine to 3D printing and chemistry. Exports can vary between 0% and 90% of the production depending on the product. Nevertheless, activities are undoubtedly on an upwards trend in terms of sales.  


Thanks to SICT for contributing this article