Guidance for the DoP and CE marking of sanitary appliances

25 July 2017


Harmonized standards for Sanitary Appliances have been available for some time. CE marking of construction products started with the Construction Products Directive (CPD) 89/106 EC. This directive was replaced by 305/2011 EC “Construction Products Regulation” (CPR) in July 2013. The introduction of the CPR legislation brought with it a new legal framework mandating CE marking for compliant products and the supply of Declaration of Performance (DoP) documents when placing compliant products on the market.

The harmonized standards available at the present time may not show the actual legal situation according to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Nevertheless, the products when placed on the market must follow the latest legal requirements detailed from the European Commission (EC).

It is only permissible to use harmonized standards only after the citation of the standards in the European Official Journal [OJEU] (followed by the citation in national official Journals). Currently the harmonized standards cited in the OJEU are reporting older product CE marking details, requesting a Declaration of Conformity (DoC), while e.g. the revised standards still waiting for citation in the OJEU include the reference to the Declaration of Performance (DoP) in accordance with the CPR. This situation can easily occur due to time delays between the publication of a regulation and the necessary revision of the underlying standards.

This document has the aim to show the current CPR requirements and examples for DoP and CE marking procedure of sanitary appliances. This guide is to help everyone to understand the actual legal requirements in terms of Declaration of Performance and CE marking that must be used for sanitary appliances.


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