Launch of the European Bathroom Forum

29 May 2017


The kick-off meeting of the European Bathroom Forum (EBF) took place on 22 May at the Cerame-Unie offices in Brussels. Over 35 participants attended the meeting representing European and national associations and manufacturers of ceramic sanitaryware and taps and valves. The goal of the EBF is to bring all voices of the bathroom sector together to focus on the development of a single and voluntary labelling scheme. EBF is open to all stakeholders, including European and national associations, manufacturers, merchants, installers and retailers. The goal of the EBF is to identify the ‘best’ aspect of each existing scheme, combine and put forward one strong scheme. Supported by all EBF members, the new Water Label scheme embraces 14 different categories of water using bathroom products and covers 129 major brands across the European Union and beyond. It has approximately 10,000 products registered on the scheme. In line with the EU circular economy policy objectives, a primary role of this voluntary scheme is to educate consumers. This simple tool helps them to decide on the most water efficient bathroom product, and hence save water and energy.


A second meeting of the EBF took place on 11 July in Barcelona. At this meeting, manufacturers of sanitaryware products, FECS, CEIR and national associations discussed the technical and organisational matters of the Water Label, as well as its new layout. The next EBF meeting will take place on 23 October in the UK.