The Water Label

10 January 2018


The Water Label is a voluntary industry led Scheme. It has evolved across the European Bathroom Industry over 12 years. The Scheme’s primary role is to educate the consumer on water use and provide sufficient information enabling an informed choice to be made by the consumer at point of sale.


In December 2017, the Joint Research Council (JRC) encouraged the industry, during a meeting in Seville, to work together to form one label that could be recognised under a Voluntary Agreement. The meeting was attended by representatives from the European Bathroom Forum (EBF), Water Label and EUnited. The EBF is currently having discussions with the Swedish Energy, Swiss Energy and Portuguese ANQIP schemes to explore ways to converge into a unique BEST-OF-ALL approach.


With regards to the voluntary agreement, the European Commission expects a single label covering 80% of the European market. In order to achieve this target a call for action has been made to all registered brands and stakeholders to register their brand and product.


The next EBF forum meeting will take place on 8 March 2018 in Frankfurt.


CU supports the Water Label as a single voluntary industry label and will continue to promote it.