World Refractories Association - 2015 General Assembly

14 September 2015 12:11 - 12:12


Vienna, Austria

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Coinciding with the UNITECR 2015 congress on refractories, the World Refractories Association (WRA) held a General Assembly in Vienna, Austria. Representatives from continental and national refractories associations and multi-national companies met to discuss global trends and future developments. 


Mr François Wanecq, CEO of Vesuvius and President of the WRA, welcomed members from ALAFAR (Latin America), ACRI (China), IRMA (India), JRA (Japan), TRI (USA) and from multinational companies (Vesuvius, RHI, Calderys, Magnesita, Refratechnik). Each association shared the key developments at regional level. Representing the European ceramic industry - including refractories sector PRE - Mr Renaud Batier presented global statistics and the progress made regarding the revision of the refractory “HS” customs codes. Guest speaker Dr Wolfgang Eder, President of the World Steel Association, highlighted the need for a fair and equal framework for trade and sourcing. Moreover, he recommended that Europe propose consistent initiatives to sustainably improve economic growth perspectives to avoid further de-industrialisation.


The next WRA General Assembly is scheduled for 2017.