Open Statement by Energy Intensive Industries | ENVI Committee Vote on Emissions Trading System and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Emissions Trading System
12 May 2022

Press release

Energy-intensive industries (EIIs) provide direct employment to around 2.6 million people and represent the foundations of critical and strategic value chains for the EU economy and society. We support the objectives of the European Green Deal and companies in our sectors invest in concrete projects across a range of technological pathways to deliver deep emission reductions.

While the EU’s climate transition has assumed also a more urgent and larger geopolitical dimension since the Russian attack against Ukraine, its short-medium term implementation for EU industry is more challenging than ever. Skyrocketing energy prices, high inflation, soaring carbon prices and raw materials shortages are unprecedented challenges that have already led to production curtailments and stoppages may cause further disruptions in the near future. Another economic downturn, the third in just four years, is looming.


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Open Statement by Energy Intensive Industries