European Commission's 2018 study on energy prices and costs in Europe published

29 January 2019


On 9 January 2019, the European Commission (DG Energy) published the third Report on energy prices and costs in Europe.


Published every two years, this report analyses the impact of energy costs on the international competitiveness of EU businesses (particularly of energy-intensive industries for which energy costs generally range from 3-20% of their production costs). It also analyses the impact of energy cost on households’ budgets (particularly for the poorest, for whom energy bills can account for more than 10% of spending).


The results of the bottom up CEPS study on energy intensive industries, in which two ceramic sectors took part, are published in the Annex 1 of the Staff Working Document (see pages 43 – 51 for bricks and roof tiles sector, and pages 51 – 59 for the wall and floor tiles sector). A cross-sectoral comparison and further information on the case studies of the selected industries are available in the Staff Working Document (pages 192-210).