Ceramic industry reply to circular economy consultation

Circular economy
29 July 2015


The European Commission is working on a new and more ambitious circular economy strategy to turn Europe into a more resource-efficient economy. In this context, DG Environment launched a consultation on circular economy to which Cerame-Unie replied and delivered the following general messages:


  • Priority should be given to home appliances and office equipment;
  • CU supports CEN/TC350 voluntary standards for assessing the sustainability of buildings;
  • Relevant energy savings can be obtained through a proper design of buildings;
  • Safety considerations should be included;
  • The durability of construction products is an important factor in the resource efficiency of buildings and should be appropriately reflected in European policy;
  • Policy needs to be designed from a full supply chain perspective whereby the economics of recycling are weighed against the environmental and social impacts;
  • More innovation is needed through EU financing.