Circular economy in the ceramic industry Position paper

Circular economy
17 April 2020

Position paper

With a new Circular Economy Action Plan adopted by the European Commission on 11 March 2020, the transition from a linear ‘produce, use, waste’ model to a circular model where resources and materials are reused, recycled or recovered has become a high priority on the European political agenda and a major element of the Green Deal. The European ceramic industry, represented by Cerame-Unie, welcomes this Action Plan and highlights that circularity is one of the key drivers to achieve a carbon-neutral economy. Cerame-Unie also underlines that this transition calls for new business models and encourages the development of innovative solutions in the industry. This position paper stresses how the ceramic industry contributes to the shift towards circular economy, through durability and resource efficiency of ceramic products (1) and ongoing research & innovation (2). However, the ceramic industry is still facing regulatory and technical obstacles (3) which hamper the uptake and development of circular practices.