Circular Economy Industry Platform

Circular economy
8 June 2017


On 7 June 2017, Cerame-Unie participated in Business Europe’s “High-level event on circular economy”. The event saw the launch of the circular economy industry platform, an online tool which showcases what European industries are doing to move towards more circular practices, but also the challenges this involves. The platform currently features four cases that involve the ceramics industry. The FISSAC project is about bringing different stakeholders together from the construction and demolition value chain in order to develop a software platform to facilitate information exchange. The objective is for this FISSAC platform to support industrial symbiosis networks. Another project in Malta concerns a water settling station that is used to remove ceramic particles from water. As Malta is one of the most water scarce countries in Europe, this type of project is really important for resource efficiency. The third case is about vitrified clay sewage pipes and focuses on their extraordinarily long service lifetime, their recyclability, and the fact that they can be produced using up to 40% recycled material. Finally, the fourth example concerns expanded clay and the potential to use by-products and wastes from other industries as additives for clay expansion.