European Parliament approves Revised Waste Framework Directive

Circular economy
22 May 2018


On Wednesday 18 April 2018, the European Parliament adopted in plenary four legislative proposals of the revised Waste Framework Directive, amending Directive 2008/98/EC on waste by 559 votes to 42 with 46 abstentions. The package sets out EU waste management targets for the period until 2035. The legislation increases the quota of municipal waste (by weight), that is to be recycled, to at least 55% by 2025. The target will increase to 60% by 2030 and 65% by 2035. The text also further defines municipal waste, by which waste from production, construction, and demolition is excluded.


In order to prevent the creation of waste, the Member States shall take measures that include supporting sustainable production and consumption models; encouraging resource efficient and durable design in manufacturing and final production; targeting products containing critical raw materials; promoting the reduction of hazardous substances in materials and products. The European Parliament has approved an amendment to the Waste Framework Directive that requires suppliers to notify the European Chemicals Agency of the presence of substances of very high concern in articles. On 22 May 2018, the EU Council adopted the waste package, which sets out new rules for waste management and establishes legally binding targets for recycling.