Consultation on the review of the Construction Products Regulation

Construction Products Regulation
22 June 2017


On 20 June, the European Commission launched the public consultation “Evaluation and possible revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)” to collect input from stakeholders on the future of this regulation. The consultation closes on 18 July. The Inception Impact assessment report provides different options for the future of the CPR:


  • Option I: No legislative change. The CPR would stay as it is.
  • Option II: Revising the CPR
    • Option II.A: limited CPR revision tackling the issues explicitly identified in the July 2016 Implementation Report.
    • Option II.B: Wider CPR revision also touching the basic principles underlying the CPR.
    • Option II.C: Profound CPR revision shifting the balance in the present repartition of tasks between EU & Member States.
  • Option III: Repeal of the CPR. The CPR would be repealed without any substitute. Member States and operators would rely on the principle of mutual recognition to achieve free movement of construction products.


Cerame-Unie (CU) will reply to this consultation and believes that the CPR is key and shall remain the regulatory framework for construction products. Hence, CU rejects the repeal of the CPR. In order to solve the disagreements between the European Commission, Members States, CEN and industry, CU calls for a joint constructive effort to solve the most urgent problems related to the implementation of the CPR.