CU Position Paper on the future of the CPR

Construction Products Regulation
26 July 2017

Position paper

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), which replaced the Construction Products Directive (CPD), entered into full force in July 2013. The goal of the CPR is to set up harmonised rules for placing construction products on the EU market and therefore make the single market work better. The CPR contributes to removing barriers to trade and improves the free movement of construction products in the EU. When a construction product is covered by a harmonised European standards (hEN) that is cited in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), the manufacturer shall draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and affix CE marking to the product. Such hEN play an important role in establishing a level playing field for construction products.


Key messages:

  • Cerame-Unie believes that the Construction Products Regulation is key and shall remain the regulatory framework for construction products
  • Cerame-Unie rejects the repeal of the Construction Products Regulation
  • In order to solve the disagreements between the European Commission, Members States, CEN and industry, Cerame-Unie calls for a joint constructive effort to solve the most urgent problems related to the implementation of the CPR, for example standardisation issues


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