Implementation of CPR - RPA final report

Construction Products Regulation
23 September 2015


On 23 September, the UK-based consultancy Risk & Policy Analysts (RPA) presented the conclusions and recommendations from the final report on the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) at the Thematic group 4 meeting on Internal Market. This report will be used as input for the European Commission’s report, which should be submitted to the European Parliament and the Council in April 2016.


The findings of the RPA report show that the transition from the Declaration of Conformity to the Declaration of Performance (DoP) went smoothly. According to various manufacturers, the supply of DoPs on websites is now a common practice. The report recommended reducing the content in the CE marking as the full information is already available on DoPs. Other conclusions include improving market surveillance and the services of Product Contact Points for Construction in member states.