Implementation of the CPR

Construction Products Regulation
1 September 2016


In July, the European Commission published a report on the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). According to the article 67(2) of the CPR, the European Commission is required to submit such report to the European Parliament and Council on the obstacles found with the implementation of the CPR. Some conclusions of the report are depicted below:


  • The stakeholders identified an overlap between the information required in the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and in the CE marking causing additional administrative and financial burdens. The Commission acknowledges that under a flexible interpretation of article 9(2), the CE mark could contain only the critical information and refer to the DoP for other information.
  • With regards to the citation of harmonised European Standards (hEN), continuous cooperation with CEN consultants will be essential to improving the situation before the hEN are presented to the Commission for citation.
  • At this stage, the Commission does not consider appropriate to propose amendments to the CPR.


The report from the Commission on the implementation of the CPR can be found here.