Consortium of European and global trade bodies publishes peer-reviewed study on the Global Warming Potential assessment of biobased construction products

8 June 2022

Press release

Policy makers should promote the use of right data and correct methods to all construction materials to decarbonise the built environment.


A consortium of European and global trade bodies in the field of construction products (see below) published a peer-reviewed study entitled “Carbon Accounting for Building Materials – An assessment of Global Warming Potential of bio-based construction products” undertaken by LBP SIGHT, consultancy and engineering firm specialised in the field of construction and the environment.

Achieving a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 is one of the key objectives of the European Green Deal. In the construction ecosystem, evaluating the whole life environmental effects of construction materials and products, based on comprehensive and robust data, is of critical importance to ensure the right decisions are taken to mitigate the effects of climate change.


Please consult the link below for the full press release:


Press release | Carbon Accounting fot Buidling Materials