Circular Economy Monitoring Framework

Sustainable buildings
15 June 2017


As a member of the Raw Materials Supply Group, Cerame-Unie was invited to attend a meeting with the European Commission and Eurostat on 18 May 2017. The proposed Circular Economy Monitoring Framework was the subject up for discussion. Eurostat and the EC have designed this framework as a means to measure progress towards a more circular economy. It is made up of ten different indicators which address various aspects of the circular economy, such as Green Public Procurement, trade in recyclable raw materials, and waste generation. Cerame-Unie was then invited to join an online consultation to share our views on this proposed framework. 


Taking the Cerame-Unie position paper on Waste as a basis, and through engagement with our members in the CU Environment Committee, our feedback was drawn up and submitted through the consultation.


The main issues that were addressed:

  • For the proposed indicator on Green Public Procurement, we recommended that a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) approach should be taken into account.
  • In relation to the proposed indicator for construction and demolition waste, we recommended that the definition in the Waste Framework Directive should be applied.
  • We addressed the issue that durability was not addressed in the proposed Circular

Economy Monitoring Framework and recommended that a new indicator should be developed to measure durability.