CU Position Paper on Renovation Wave

Sustainable buildings
23 July 2020

Position paper

 The European Ceramic Industry covers a wide range of construction products such as bricks, roof tiles, wall and floor tiles as well as sanitaryware products. The European Ceramic Industry Association, Cerame-Unie, welcomes the Renovation Wave initiative introduced in the European Green Deal.


In this position paper, Cerame-Unie would like to outline its views on the Renovation Wave and contribute to the public consultation launched by the European Commission.


Cerame-Unie supports the objectives fulfilled by the Renovation Wave. Firstly, the initiative aims at addressing the challenge of energy renovation of the existing building stock. Secondly, the Renovation Wave is a key component of the EU post-COVID 19 recovery strategy.


Building renovation is central to the economic recovery: it represents an opportunity for economic growth as it provides jobs and boosts the construction sector while strengthening Europe’s industrial competitiveness.


Please consult the full Position Paper, in the following link:


CU Position paper - renovation wave