PRE activities on Coal Tar Pitch, high temperature

1 September 2016


The substance Coal Tar Pitch High Temperature (CTPHT) was recommended in September 2014 for inclusion in the Annex XIV of Reach, the so-called Authorisation List. It was followed by a public consultation to which PRE replied. CTPHT is pending addition to the Authorisation list, with a proposed Latest Application Date (LAD) of 21 Months. PRE has edited a position paper in order to defend a longer LAD. For the “intermediate use” for sliding gates, PRE experts on CTPHT have edited a technical guidance document, in order to have this use recognised as an intermediate use (and thereby exempted from authorisation). An external review was conducted by the consultant Bipro. The proposals from different sectors will be examined by ECHA and the final technical guidance will be presented on the ECHA website.


For the uses that will not be covered by an exemption, PRE has organised a workshop meeting on 22 June focused on the possible strategies for CTPHT Application for Authorisation (AfA). The companies are invited to develop their own strategy.