Update on Titanium Dioxide classification proposal

28 March 2019


In May 2016, France proposed to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) a harmonised classification of Titanium Dioxide as a category 1B Carcinogen with the accompanying Hazard Statement H350i (May cause cancer by inhalation).


In February 2019, Cerame-Unie provided an answer to the public consultation on the adaptation to technical and scientific progress (ATP) to the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and mixtures (CLP) highlighting the need for a more suitable regulatory approach to address Titanium Dioxide. Our answer elaborated that the scientific evidence for such a classification are flawed with key data drawn from studies of rats, which bears little relevance to human toxicology; Cerame-Unie is advocating against such a classification.


The vote on the ATP to the CLP in the REACH Committee, already rescheduled from 7 March 2019, has again been postponed. Member States remain divided over the classification of Titanium Dioxide. A new vote is scheduled during the next REACH Committee meeting that will take place on the 8-9 April 2019.


In parallel, the European Commission is currently taking action on waste containing hazardous substances with a draft amendment of the hazardous waste guidance to clarify "whether and how to classify" waste containing Titanium Dioxide as hazardous. However, procedurally, the European Commission will not transmit any new acts for scrutiny by the European Parliament between March and July.