Public consultation on REACH autorisation proposals

6 October 2016


Cerame-Unie replied to the public consultation launched by the European Commission (EC) in September 2016, regarding the proposal to amend the REACH Annex XIV authorisation list. In December 2016, it was agreed that both anthracene oil and Coal Tar Pitch, high temperature (CTPHT) are to be added  to the autorisation list. These substances need an autorisation in order to be used after the sunset date, unless they are exempted from autorisation (e.g. they have an intermediate use). PRE finalised a position paper explaining in detail the intermediate use of CTPHT in the production of sliding gate assemblies.


At the same time, for (Al) Zr Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCF) and borates it was agreed to postpone the decision. Regarding RCF, the justification is that the EC wants to decide on the most relevant regulatory approach; for borates the postponement is proposed because the experience for handling authorisation applications covering broad ranges of uses is still limited.