2015 Horizon 2020 PPPs Info Day

EU funding programmes
16 October 2015 09:30 - 19:00


Brussels, Charlemagne and Centre Albert Borschette

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This year's Information Day on contractual PPPs - Sustainable Process Industry, Factories of the Future, Energy-efficient Buildings, Green Vehicles - was held on 16 October 2015 in Brussels.


See all project ideas presented during the SPIRE Brokerage session


Clara de la Torre (Director in DG Research and Innovation, chairman), Wolfgang Burtscher (Deputy Director-General, DG RTD) and by Zoran Stančič (Deputy Director-General, DG CONNECT) presented the scope of Research contracted Public-Private Partnerships (cPPPs).  The cPPP topic is a priority in the Juncker agenda for growth. The 2016 budget for PPP calls is more than 400 million euros, linked to the Horizon 2020 calls. The deadline for answers to 2016 calls is January 2016.


José-Lorenzo Vallé (DG RTD) presented the implementation of the PPPs under Horizon 2020:




energy-efficient buildings


Emmanuel Forest, President ofthe European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), presented the cPPP on Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) highlighting the developments in the building sector so far, particularly in relation to zero-energy buildings, as well as the need for further innovation:


Emmanuel Forest also reiterated some strategic research areas the EeB PPP focuses on, namely monitoring, KPIs, consumer attitude, materials, recycling and engineering processes. The calls planned for 2016 under the EeB cPPP are the following:


  • EeB1-2016: Highly efficient insulation materials with improved properties
  • EeB 2-2016: Performance indicators and monitoring techniques for energy-efficiency and environmental quality at building and district level
  • EeB 3-2016: Integration of advanced technologies for heating & cooling at building and district level
  • EeB 4-2016: New technologies and strategies for the development of pre-fabricated elements through the reuse and recycling of construction materials and structures
  • EE 10-2016: Supporting accelerated and cost effective deep renovation of buildings

The expected deadline to apply for these calls is 21 January 2016. More information about the calls is here and download the Project Ideas presented at the EeB PPP Brokerage Session here (zip file).


sustainable process industry


Klaus Sommer (BAYER), Andrea Gentili (DG RTD) and Ignacio Calleja (TECNALIA) presented the cPPP on Sustainable Process Industry (SPIRE) with key facts and success projects like TASIO project (heat recovery):




spire calls for 2016


The new opportunities in the SPIRE calls for 2016 were presented by different Project Officers of DG RTD and DG ENER. The total budget for 2016 is € 127 million and the topics are the following:


  •   Water management systems
  •   Industrial furnace design addressing energy efficiency
  •   Plants-wide monitoring and control
  •   Industrial technologies for the valorisation of European bio-resources
  •   Potential use of CO2 and CO as feedstocks
  •   Business models for intensified processes
  •   Valorisation of waste heat in industrial systems

View all funding opportunities (calls)


Industrial furnace design addressing energy efficiency


This topic opens the door to a project on refractory products. In addition to a project on kiln energy efficiency, research could aim at improving the energy efficiency in other sectors’ kilns. More information




Industrial technologies for the valorisation of European bio-resources


Possible projects under the call Industrial technologies for the valorization of European bio-resources include a shift in raw materials coming from fossil fuels to bio-based resources (sustainable raw materials). More information