DryFiciency SPIRE Project

EU projects
15 May 2017


The DryFiciency project (H2020/SPIRE) involving 3 demonstrations, including one in the bricks & roof tiles sector (Wienerberger), was presented at the DecarbHeat conference on 11/12 May. 


The overall objective of the DRYficiency project is to lead energy-intensive sectors of the European manufacturing industry to high energy efficiency and a reduction of fossil carbon emissions by means of waste heat recovery to foster competitiveness, improve security of energy supply and guarantee sustainable production in Europe. The project addresses three sectors, namely brick, pet care/feed and food industry. The results are however of major relevance for a number of other energy-intensive industries such as e.g. pulp and paper industry. The key elements of the solution are two high temperature vapour compression heat pumps: a closed loop heat pump for air drying processes and an open loop heat pump for steam drying processes. The DRYficiency solution will be demonstrated under real production conditions in operational industrial drying processes in three leading European manufacturing companies from the pet food, food and brick industries.