HARMONI Conference

EU projects
27 April 2018


HARMONI is a CSA (co-ordination and support action) that aims to bring all relevant stakeholders together to propose solutions for regulatory bottlenecks and standardisation needs that hamper innovation in process industries, such as those represented by SPIRE's members. HARMONI aims to foment exchange between these sectors and produce a combination of solutions for EU policy makers and industrial associations to adopt.


The first workshop took place in Brussels on the 26 April. The workshop discussed why companies struggle to integrate potential new technologies already available or close to the market. It was posited whether this is due to non-technological barriers that hamper the adoption of  technologies or that hamper the investment in promising technologies.


The workshop identified the following:


  • Potential common challenges.

  • Potential common visions and solutions.

  • Economic consequences due to the lack of:

    • a suitable regulatory environment.

    • other non-technological boundary conditions.

    • well developed and functional standards.


Irina Celades (ITC), Franz Maier (RHI Magnesita), and Christian Wöhrmeyer (KERNEOS) participated on behalf of the ceramics industry.