INSYSME Project - advancement from Italy

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15 December 2016


The INSYSME Project will come to its end during December. The sixteen partners have developed ten innovative systems for masonry infill walls.  


In Italy, the «sliding joints» solution (see Pic. 1) conceived and realized by the University of Pavia had great results. The prototype has been tested dynamically on a shaking table able to simulate high-intensity earthquakes and it has excellently stood the test. The applied seismic input reproduced the Montenegro earthquake (1979) - 6.9 magnitude - on which an amplification unto 1.2 g to PGA horizontal acceleration has been added. Usually, it corresponds to a destructive earthquake (worse than L’Aquila – 0.66 g – and the one that damaged central Italy last October 30th – 0.75 g). We are expecting for the completion of the experimental validation on the «deformable joints» solution (see Pic. 2) by the University of Padova.


Both prototypes are able to be installed in new reinforced concrete buildings, as well as in existing ones, in case of replacement of masonry infill walls.