Research and Innovation Workshop during Ceramic Days

EU projects
25 November 2019


On 21 November 2019, the Research and Innovation (R&I) Workshop was held at the Cerame-Unie Office during the European Ceramic Days. It was a 3-hour session divided into 3 main parts by the hour. 


The first section of the workshop was a brainstorming session on R&I with an introduction to the R&I landscape and covered topics such as Horizon Europe and the ETS Innovation Fund.


In the second section, it focused on the SPIRE update and their upcoming Roadmap. This was led by Angels Orduna, the executive director of SPIRE.


The third and final part of this workshop was an exchange with the European Commission. Jurgen Tiedje, the Head of Unit for Industrial Technologies for DG Research and Innovation, provided updates from the European Commission on R&I such as on Horizon Europe and MFF. The workshop ended with a Q&A involving all members and speakers.