European Parliament approves CETA

International Trade Negotiations
15 February 2017


Cerame-Unie participated at the breakfast event on 7 February at the European Parliament on the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada. The Ambassador of Canada to the EU, H.E. Daniel J. Costello and EPP MEPs including MEP Winkler and MEP Reding exchanged on benefits of CETA for SMEs and reiterated that the main aim of the Agreement is indeed the removal of tariff barriers. MEP Reding underlined the need to debunk the myths about CETA.


The EP Plenary voted on 15 February and approved CETA with 408 positive votes, 254 objections and 33 abstentions. A provisional application starts from April while the full ratification is pending. As it is a mixed agreement, it will need to be approved also by national and regional parliaments.


CETA represents a potential for the European Ceramic industry which could have a better market access to Canada by removing the customs duties of up to 8 % on some of its products. Cerame-Unie prepared a memo for its members on the obstacles and opportunities for EU ceramic trade with Canada.


Source : European Parliament