Cerame-Unie meets with DG TRADE, European Commission

Market access
10 October 2018


On October 10, CU Trade Working Group had a fruitful and positive meeting with DG TRADE officials to discuss horizontal topics on trade concerning the ceramic industry. The meeting was an occasion for CU members and CU secretariat to share comments and concerns with the European Commission in relation with market access, trade barriers, state of play of FTAs and current situation of Trade defence measures. During the meeting CU shared with DG TRADE the updated version of the Market Access Inventory, containing relevant tariff and non-tariff barriers encountered by the ceramic industry in 41 export markets. Moreover, CU Trade WG members had the opportunity to share their concerns on persistent trade barriers in certain third-countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Finally, CU and DG TRADE discussed the implementation of the TDI legislation and of two anti-dumping cases related to ceramic tiles and tableware imports from China.