EC tasked with origin marking study

Origin marking
17 December 2014


Despite the endorsement of the Consumer Product Safety & Market Surveillance (CPSR) package by the European Parliament, the Commission proposal is pending approval of the European Council. The Commission hopes to reach an agreement on CPSR under the new EU Presidency of Latvia. To this end, the European Commission was tasked by the Council to prepare a technical study assessing the impact of origin marking and the benefits and potential costs for companies and consumers.


In line with our position on the CPSR, Cerame-Unie would like to once again stress its support for mandatory origin marking for consumer goods and underline that the cost of applying origin marking on products such as ceramic tableware, ceramic wall and floor tiles and clay roofing tiles is very limited. Furthermore, as outlined in the Ceramic Industry Manifesto, origin marking would provide consumers with reliable and transparent information and would strengthen market surveillance.