EP supports Consumer Product Safety and Market Surveillance

Origin marking
15 April 2014


The European Parliament (EP) voted on 15 April in Strasbourg in the first reading on the Commission proposal for a package comprising a draft regulation on consumer product safety (CPSR) and market surveillance. The Parliament’s Plenary showed strong support for mandatory origin marking for EU manufactured and imported consumer goods. Both legislative proposals were adopted with a large majority.


Regrettably the Parliament also proposed an amendment excluding construction products, ceramic construction goods included, from the scope of the CPSR and thus also of origin marking. The Commission proposal and amendments proposed by the Parliament will now be discussed in the Council where a compromise can hopefully be found in relation to mandatory origin marking and its scope.


The general safety requirements, including origin marking, listed in the draft proposal will apply to almost all types of consumer products including ceramic tableware. Important provisions were adopted on ensuring a better market surveillance system aiming at better enforcement of product safety requirements of consumer goods. The voluntary EU Safety Tested (formerly known as CE+ marking) has been rejected.