EU measures tackling Chinese dumping of ceramic tiles renewed after expiry review

Trade defence
23 November 2017

Press release

The European Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers Federation (CET) welcomes today’s publication of Regulation (EU) 2017/2179 renewing EU anti-dumping measures on imports of Chinese ceramic wall & floor tiles for another period of 5 years.

Due to the continuation and strong likelihood of recurrence of dumping and injury to the European ceramic tiles industry, CET applied for an expiry review of the anti-dumping duties on imports of ceramic tiles from China on 14 June 2016. In response, the European Commission opened an expiry review investigation on 13 September 2016. CET is a member of Cerame-Unie and has members in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the UK, which represent the majority of EU production in ceramic tiles.


The Regulation was adopted on 22 November by the European Commission, after receiving the support of the Member States. The thorough and rigorous investigation carried out by the European Commission led to the conclusion that, had the measures expired without being renewed, a clear risk of recurrence of dumping and injury would have remained. The findings of the Commission fully support and confirm the prima facie evidence and allegations presented by EU industry in its request for an expiry review. The investigation notably “confirms the continuation of dumping and the presence of a growing unutilised production capacity in China representing several times the EU consumption” said Renaud Batier, Director General of Cerame-Unie. In addition, most key export markets for China have introduced antidumping measures on Chinese ceramic tiles or are in the process of doing so. Such measures taken by third countries would have resulted in a redirection of Chinese exports to the EU had Regulation (EU) 2017/2179 not been adopted.


CET welcomes the renewal of the duties for another period of five years. “The continuation of the measures is vital to allow this industry, representing around 60,000 direct jobs throughout the EU, to remain competitive, operate on a level playing field and continue investing and innovating in Europe” - CET President, José Luis Lanuza.


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